How to Easily Choose The Best Polo Shirts Material

Polo shirts are indeed one of the fashion that is used for various events, parties and promotional media by every company, well if you want to make clothes with large quantities of course you need to know first which materials are very suitable in your weather and in your environment.

The type of polo shirt is divided into 2, there are short-sleeved polo shirts and long-sleeved polo shirts, but for the price it is relative, it all depends on the quality of the material, here you will know more about the polo shirt material.

Know the Polo Shirt Material

The materials used in polo shirts have different types ranging from tecture, strength, softness and comfort, usually those used for polo shirts consist of several items

  • Lacoste fabric
  • Lacoste cotton fabric
  • Lacoste pique fabric
  • Polyester / PE lacoste fabric
  • Cotton cotton fabric
  • Double cotton fabric
  • TC Fabric (Tereton Cotton)
  • CVC Fabric (Cotton Viscose)
  • Viscose Fabric
  • Polyester PE Fabric

Types of Polo Shirt Material and Its Nature

Maybe not many of you know the type of fabric or type of basic material for polo shirts, even though you wear it almost every day. even the basic types of t-shirts, often difficult to distinguish the basic material of shirts between one another.

Lacoste material

Actually lacoste is the name of a French company that produces clothing with a porous texture earlier, along with the many uses of these clothes. the community made it the name of the material to make a polo shirt. Proportional to its quality, this material has the highest price.

Lacoste Cotton Material

Lacoste cotton fabric is a material that has an uneven and rather rough surface with a texture of porous material or a pattern with small round holes, squares or triangular knitted shapes on the sides of the material (outside and inside). The type of lacoste cotton fabric is the most common material and is good for making polo shirt types of cotton lacoste fabrics like other cotton materials. comfortable to wear and cool


cotton fabric is a material that is often a mainstay for making polo coils, but there are 2 types of cotton fabrics that are widely used, namely:

  • combed cotton
    \carded cotton

The distinguishing characteristic of these two types of cotton is from the manufacturing technique which will get different final results. Combed cotton material uses a combing technique so that this material is called combed while the carded cotton uses a carded technique so it is called carded

Combed cotton fabric has a finer material with a higher price than cotton carded with a rather rough material at a glance when we hold carded cotton material feels thicker, while combed cotton when worn is more comfortable, cool and smooth.

Double Cotton Material

double cotton fabric is a thicker material than 20s combed cotton. this material is also called a double nett / knit material. this double cotton material is more comfortable and falls (heavy down) when worn. but the shortcomings of this double cotton material are easy to stretch especially often washed and used, especially if you are often interested. this is due to the presence of air in the fabric layer like a sponge.

Characteristics of Cotton

in general, the characteristics of cotton fabrics originating from these cotton plants are as follows

the material feels cold and a little stiff
absorb sweat
clothes / fabric will be damaged if soaked for more than 2 hours in detergent
susceptible to fungi
cotton fabric can not be left too long in the wet state

because it is comfortable when used, then there is a mixture of combinations that use this cotton material.

TC Fabrics

TC fabric or teteron cotton is a mixture of 35% cotton with polyester (teteron 65%). TC fabric types are still in the cotton category but the quality is under combed and carded material because it is a mixture of ingredients. compared to cotton, the TC material is less able to absorb sweat and is rather hot on the body and has a coarser texture. the excess type of TC material is that it is more resistant to wrinkles and does not stretch even after being washed many times
CVC (Cotton VIscose) Fabric Material

CVC or Cotton viscose fabric is a mixture of 55% combed cotton and 45% Viscose. The advantages of this type of CVC fabric have a shrinkage level (shrinkage pattern) smaller than cotton. this type of CVC material is also of a nature
absorb sweat
Viscose Fabric Material

Viscose fabric is a material made of wood aggregate (eucalyptus – a kind of pine tree) type of viscose fabric is a material that is often used in clothing, party, casual, lingerie underwear, to jacket due to its smooth and slippery texture and supple

feels soft and cold on the skin
the ingredients fall, not stiff and the color is shiny
absorb sweat
clothing material will be damaged if soaked with detergent for more than 1 hour
washable and dry clean

Polyester PE material

Polyester or PE fabrics are materials made from synthetic or artificial fibers from petroleum products to be made in the form of poly fiber and also used for plastic products in the form of plastic seeds. This polyester fabric is because of the basic material made of plastic granules, this material cannot absorb sweat and heat when worn.

oil stains and meals are difficult to remove from this material
polyester is stronger and resistant to soaking for more than 3 hours
often mixed with other ingredients such as viscose, line and cotton

If you are familiar with the materials of making clothes, of course now you need to know which ones are specifically polo shirts and what are the best ingredients?

Material – Special Material Quality Polo Shirts

This basic material is commonly used as a basic material for polo shirts. The characteristics of the basic ingredients of lacoste are large porous so that it is more suitable when combined with screen printing and screen printing. There are 2 types of famous lacoste fabrics.

lacoste PE
Lacoste cotton (lacoste pique).

The difference is from the absorbing or not of perspiration. The advantages of lacoste cotton, in addition to cold the basic ingredients are also softer than lacoste PE. The best type of lacoste is Lacoste cotton / lacoste Pique.

1. Lacoste Pique PE, CVC

The basic ingredients of this basic material are very good for making t-shirts because the basic material is very smooth and soft because it uses cotton fiber but the weakness of this basic material is that the fiber that absorbs water causes a tendency to shrink lacoste catton. But for the basic ingredients lacoste pique cvc is a better recommendation than the basic ingredients lacoste pe or cotton

2. Lacoste Cute

Lacoste Cute fiber is smaller than lacoste pique type bhn cvc and cotton

3. Wafferserat

Wafferserat is shaped like a wafer found in bhn cvc and cotton.

Strengths and Weaknesses of Polo Shirts

the superiority of collared shirt models is more trendy, calm, more casual appearance for formal activities in the field especially companies, promotions, official events, and academics.

The disadvantage is that only for the processing process is rather slow and very good in ordering the shirt model collared enough time in the process.